Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board

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Shree Gujarat Education Trust

Objective:  The people employed in Building and other Construction Works includes workers from unorganized sectors which are associated with very poor and the oppressed class. In order to facilitate improvement in their working and with the aim to provide financial aid under such conditions, the government led to the formulation of board for providing financial aid to them for their benefit under various schemes.

Applications for Benefits: For the registration of a construction worker and for filing applications for various benefits under the Welfare Schemes of Board, the construction worker is to contact the Assistant labour Commissioner/Labour-cum-Conciliation Officer/Labour Inspector/Labour Enforcement Officer of his area.


  1. The benefits of this scheme will be available to the laborers only on the date of registration of the board as a construction labor.
  2. The identity card for construction labor should be renewed for three years from the date of registration. The construction labor shall be applied in the prescribed specimen and in the prescribed time limit. Each academic year will have to apply for a period of 3 months after getting admission.
  3. The certificate of admission in the academic institution with the application, such as the institution's certificate or entry certificate, must be submitted. In respect of the hostel admission, the resident / warden / institution has to submit a certificate issued by the respective person in the respective hostel.
  4. This assistance will be available only in relation to the contract of the son / daughter of the construction labor, and the wife of the construction labor (30 years of age) who are enrolled in educational institutes / schools / colleges recognized by the government only.