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Nai Manjil

Primary education is human rights in the nation.

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Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board

All the components required for survival of living organisms are gained through environment.

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Vocational Training

Health is the normal and sound state of the body. This is a great source of peace and happiness.

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Our NGO offers help for Education, Health and Environment sectors since 2001 to economical weaker with the help of Corporate, Government and Foreign Fund.

Dr. Ghanshaym Patel


Ms. Dipaali Patel


Higher education (JEE & GUJ CET entrance examination coaching for medical and engineering admission) among tribal students at Ahwa, Dang Dustruct, Gujarat at 2007 by Dr. Ghanshyam patel (President) and his highly qualified science team and fortunately first time in history that tribal students got 100% results. Our NGO efforts has been noticed and awarded by District Deputy Director and Gujarat Chief Minister Shree Narendra Modi.

3000+ minority Youth and women have been empowered and skilled in various industry with 85% placement ration since 2011 with the help of Ministry of Minority Affairs.

We believe primary education is the basic right to every citizen of nation. Our NGO identified Building and other construction’s laborer children who never have privilege to opt primary education in their life time. Our NGO has given primary to higher secondary education to nearly 6000 students in year 2016 and we got results nearly 90% among students with minimum drop out ratio.

We have been counseling and guiding parents and students for selecting their children’s right career with the help of “Multiple Intelligence Test” since 2001. We have done 1000+ seminars for nearly 2 lakhs people till date.

Helpline No. +91-7490856668